NO: 22 APR 1983 The Savoy - Cork, Ireland


Fractured / Image playlist


Your Silent Face, Procession, Everything's Gone Green, Temptation, Confusion, ...Leave Me Alone


The tape I have is about 4th generation.

Extant gigographies list 5 songs, obviously they played more than this but I haven't run into anything listing what they are yet. Looks like the songs we have were from midway to the end.

My version has Your Silent Face cut off at the beginning, and there's another dropout about 2:15 or so in.

BS: "'k you."


PH: "Slight pause before."

There's a unique thirty second interlude between Procession and Everything's Gone Green

EGG is on 'Live In Glasgow'...

New Order do a bit of instrument tuning between Temptation and Confusion.

Nice version of Confusion, except it cuts out on the version I have. Bernard starts off with a few bass plucks. The lyrics are still in development, reflecting that this song had been debuted just 11 days ago.

BS: "Our lives still haven't changed from the past to the future" is an example.

Lyrics repeat "people are stupid" bit quite a few times as well.

BS: "Thank you very much..."

Leave Me Alone

lyric: "And from my head to my toes, from my eyes to my balls, every time I see the [oops]."

This track appears on the 'Live In Glasgow' vid... click thru to watch it as the uploader has blocked it from loading inline...


VID (PRO) #1 - "Live In Glasgow" DVD2 

SBD #1 - Used to sync against video tracks on this release.

AUD #1 - AUx, incomplete, cuts near the end of Confusion


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