NO: 14 APR 1983 Tiffany's, Glasgow - Scotland



Blue Monday, Everything's Gone Green, Hurt, Truth, ICB, Senses, 586, Age Of Consent, Temptation, Blue Monday, Confusion


586, Everything's Gone Green, ICB

Some tape hiss on the tape I have, which has only a portion of the performance (Hurt, Truth, and ICB). I subsequently received a CD from GaoBest for the full performance (taped by malcolmb, who did the rest of the Glasgow gigs) with naturally stunning SQ.  The version online is from this recording.

Blue Monday

BS: "Hello, everyone"

There's a breakdown after about 30 seconds. Hooky comments:

PH: "It's the 'A' version."

BS: "All right, this is my life..."

Everything's Gone Green gets played next.

A few bass notes in between. This is the TOTP edit version.


Quite a bit of cooing and whooping on this one. Intro bit changes a bit in midstream before the vocals kick in.

"We can take you...anywhere you want" also, lots of "take me take take" chanting...

It's always an a joy to listen to this one, damn Brian Edge for calling this song a "Duran Duran outtake".

I also have Truth and ICB.

The guitar intro on ICB is quite good. Hooky can be clearly heard doing backing vocals.


This version has these extra lyrics:

"Too fast and furious
Too hard to handle
[can't make out this line]
Too tough to break."


The Order (namely) Gillian triggers the intro to Hurt by mistake.

BS: "Why do women have legs? So they don't leave a trail like a slug."

PH: "Can I be a [???] while you got the gloves on?"

(this appears to have been somebody who was gobbing at Hooky)

Very energetic performance.

Age Of Consent

PH: "Well you know I got spit all over over my guitar. Where are the Blackburn boys when you need 'em, eh?"


PH: "What a pleasure to be here tonight to be spat at by this bastard with the gloves on, it's really really fuck all."

Long break between this one and the next song. Stephen hits his cymbals plenty of times, though.

Are New Order going to play Blue Monday again? Why, yes they are! I assumed this was due to it being a mess the first time and because the first version was the special TOTP edit, and this was the full-bore rendition.

BS: "A bit more DMX."


(a part of what he was saying is missing from the tape due to the edit)

BS: "...can you not be fucking ready when you were ready?"

BS: "All right, for those of you with, eh, brains, we're just waiting for the sequencer to load its memory, all right? So you gotta stand here along with us."

Fourth time they've performed this one. 

The Wake opened for New Order, you can listen to their set here:

Fractured / Image Playlist



FM #1 - Seeded to DIME by malcomb, lowgen.  Another version (worse quality) has the announcer outro.

AUD #1 - malcolmb / Sony WM-D6 / Audio Technica AT821

AUD v2 - unknown / Sony WM-D6 / Casio Mics.  Info from GaoBest. "Mics not confirmed, but likely to be the case as this was what he used to tape U2 at Phoenix Park Racesource in Dublin on 14 Aug 1983. *Not* MMB as these are different mics than what he used."

AUD v3 - Also recorded by Dec Hickey. 

AUD v4 - Version of soundcheck w/o ICB



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