NO: 13 APR 1983 Pathfoot Hall - Stirling University - Stirling, Scotland


Fractured / Image Playlist


Blue Monday, Age Of Consent, Procession, Your Silent Face, The Him, Leave Me Alone, Ceremony, Sister Ray, Dreams Never End, Confusion, In A Lonely Place


The Village, Everything's Gone Green, The Him, Blue Monday

Thanks to TJ for supplying the recording, which is about first or second generation. 

Stephen Smith also has a version that's a bit different, he writes:

"My cassette is a bit lacking in the higher frequencies unfortunately, not sure how many generations this one is (I got it from a guy who sold live tapes in our town). Probably one for completists only.

Audience chatter to start with, one guy says 'Why do you always stand behind the giants?'  Someone else says something about a bald eagle, which I take it means there was a bald guy in front of them.

Blue Monday

This is the short version. About thirty seconds of audience chatter before this starts out with SM banging real drums, right before the drum machine kicks in.

Age Of Consent

Fairly unusual to see this so early in the set.

Procession is followed by Your Silent Face.

Bernard sings 'why don't you fuck off?' as the signature line.

The Him is next.

BS: "Will the er, person who threw beer on stage at the beginning kindly see us in the dressing room cos we'd like to buy him another one afterwards." (thanks to Stephen Smith for supplying)

Leave Me Alone

Falters a bit past midway as Hooky hits a bum note, and all but the drums stop.

The final five seconds or so is cut.

Stephen Smith: "No cut on my cassette, plays right through."

Some guitar soundchecking in front of Ceremony.

Stephen Smith: "In between songs one guy shouts to his pal "Tam", who shouts back 'See you outside at the phone box when it's finished, right.'"


Syndrum plus real drums. KW1 sequencer kicks off briefly by mistake, a byproduct of the sequencers failing so they jammed into the Velvets ' Sister Ray until fixed by the roadies.

Sample lyrics:

'I saw you on the inside'
'You saw me on the outside'
'You sucked my ding-dong'...

Very cool reverb effects.

PH: "Spent three weeks working on that one."

Dreams Never End

PH: "This is one for band that follows us we call 'Bollock Brains'.

TJ notes that this was added to the set because of their sequencer problems.

(at end)

PH: "Well, that was one of you fuckers then."


Third ever performance, with the first two being in Scotland

Vocals start off pretty dire.

In A Lonely Place finishes off the set.

lyric: 'Blood that was special for none'

Ends in synth effects.

Tape squeal at end.

Stephen Smith: "No squeal at the end of my cassette, just synth effects and an audience cheer." 



AUD #1
- TJ version, and likely the one used on Youtube.  

Snotters: "Stirling '83 (from Doug Pirie) - I'd guess that this is an ANA2? It's pretty good though, and has a wonderful improvised Sister played over a 586 beat (the sequencers fucked up a la Bradford 84). Also has The Him, which is not to be sniffed at in 83." TJ has a slightly better version that he got from the same source. Others renditions are from the same source, but have AoC omplete (the TJ version cuts). Ends in synth effects and an audience cheer, no tape squeal. Not as good quality."

AUD #2 - MP3 only source, has taper whispering "shit" at the end of The Him, right before Bernard "invites" the person who threw a beer on the stage at the beginning backstage so they could buy him another one...poorer sounding than AUD #1.

AUD v3
- Dec Hickey also recorded.  Includes soundcheck with The Village / EGG / The Him / Blue Monday



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