NO: 11 APR 1983 Coasters - Edinburgh, Scotland


 Fractured / Image Playlist


Confusion, Age Of Consent, Procession, In A Lonely Place, Leave Me Alone, Senses, 586, Denial, Temptation, Blue Monday


ICB, Temptation, Confusion, Your Silent Face

The above is AUD #1, which is typically paired with the soundcheck, which was believed to have been taped by someone else and is AUD #3.


The debut!

taper: "Barney's playing bass!"
female companion: "Quite unusual."
taper: "They've changed 'round."
female companion: "Really?"

Age Of Consent and Procession follow.

The latter includes some alternate lyrics, the specifics I will note at some future point.

lyrics: "Your live is your own, your life is your own, I need you to stop."

Then In A Lonely Place followed by Leave Me Alone.

After the last "leave me alone" line, Barney goes "Fuck off."

Senses also has the extra verse when started appearing during the '83 live dates.

Hooky calls out "Ready?" off-mic at the start.

At this point, there's an edit and break on the tape between the last number and 586.

There's quite a racket and Bernard giggles throughout the second verse, as well as hitting notes not otherwise recommended.  Some improv lyrics and swearing.

lyric: "In the future, when you want me up your fanny. I will help you / when you call out for that twat."

BS: "How was that, [can't make out] *spit*'s that for professionalism?"

Folks cry out for all sorts of stuff. New Order settle for Denial.

Slight dropout between the end of the last song and Temptation.  Barney also throws in a guitar bit from somewhere.

Some alternative lyrics in this, too.

More folks shouting out for their favorites.

BS: "I'll take Ceremony over a fucking ambulance."

Hooky twangs his bass.

BS: "That's a big one and a smaller one."

Lots more shouting out before Blue Monday starts up.

BS: "A bit more DMX, Ed."

The intro gets a bit pear-shaped. Vocals get 'interesting' at points.


Starts with the tail end of Procession, a full take of ICB followed by Temptation, which on this tape is only the ending.

At the start of ICB somebody yells out something about a DMX.


AUD #1 - Eddie Wolfram Sony TC-D5 / Aiwa CM-30  ANA0

AUD #2 - MMB Sony WM-D6 / Aiwa CM-30  ANA0

AUD #3 - soundcheck (5m)  ANAx.  ICB + Temptation

AUD v4
- Dec Hickey also recorded this gig.  Confusion x2 / KW1 x2 


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