NO: 24 MAR 1983 The State Ballroom - Liverpool



Playlist from Fractured/Image


Truth, Leave Me Alone, Hurt, Chosen Time, Ultraviolence, Everything's Gone Green, Denial, Blue Monday, Temptation


Temptation, Blue Monday

The version posted on YouTube utilizes AUDv3 + v4 for the encore tracks.  The version I used for the writeup also seems to be a common source (most likely AUDv2) that starts with the opening of Truth cut a bit.

Ends in a couple of bass notes.

A bit of guitar and a drum beat before Hooky leads off the next song, Leave Me Alone.

Hurt has an unusual drum-and-bass type opening, as I presume the band were having some eqipment issues.

Followed by Chosen Time, which one audience member greats with a whoop.

There's a cut after this song, I presume there was a long pause numbers.

Somebody can be heard calling for Warsaw.

BS: "Can't understand ya, fanatic bastards."

BS: "See, you're all right...go on..."

Someone else who sounds like John Cooper Clarke can be heard saying something about busting out with chicken(?)...a few other 'interesting' audience shouts as well, but that's out the

BS: "See, we'll have the lot of ya after, in the dressing room. We're from Manchester."

More banter...

BS: "And I can't even know ya..."

Then Ultraviolence starts.

Some guitar soundchecking (a but of a VU riff) before the start of Everything's Gone Green .

The near-tribal drumming of Denial follows.

Another long pause between numbers.

A couple of bass notes. Somebody breaks a beer bottle.

Punter calls out, "Drugs, drugs."

BS: "Just what you need for keeping ag...up" [can't fully make out]

Off mic, Hooky is heard to say, "No, no, no no, we're very tolerant about it."

A guitar lead gets plugged in.

Somebody mentions Tony Wilson, always a popular name in Liverpool.

punter: "Git your arse into gear!"

BS: (directed at a heckler, presumably) "I see you...yeah, I know, don't come to one of our gigs, please..."

PH: "I know you're from Manchester but I don't trust you."

A shout of 'Joy Division' follows. And are...

PH: "Here's one for you rebels..."

Hooky plays a little bass riff...and then the sequencer for Blue Monday finally finishes loading up.

is the final song in the set.



AUD v1 - Tim, friend of CT, same taper as AUDv2 of 1983-03-23.

AUD #2 - unknown.  Upgrade on all sources, and sounds like it was recorded close to the stage because all the insults back at the "Mancs" can be clearly heard. 'Temptation' from tock's source is from this recording, but generated enough that it sounds more murky than the rest of the tracks on that version. The mystery is that shakepiggie's version doesn't have this substitution, and retains audience chatter between Blue Monday and Temptation.

AUD #3 - TBB ANA1, shared.  Same taper as AUDv1 of 1983-03-23. tock: "Loads better quality on this one [compared to the previous night] and very low generation.  Last track sounds very different.....different source?"  Shakepiggie DIME source is the same, but has a bit more at the start. Start of "Hurt" has sound of glasses tinkling and then being dropped. Both have a cut between Chosen Time and UV. Shakepiggie's renedition also runs in mono and has a cut near the end of UV not in tock's, but includes the original AUD #3 recording of Temptation rather than the AUDv2 that tock's does. 

AUD v4 - JK (BM from soundcheck)

AUD #5 - Appeared on guitars101, cuts in Chosen Time and UV like others....A/B flip between EGG/Denial. Start of "Hurt" has sound of glasses tinkling and then being dropped. Recording is mono but fairly clear, with crowd mostly distant.

Recordings from SD, MKB, and CW also need to be matched up or taxonomied.


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