NO: 23 MAR 1983 The State Ballroom - Liverpool



586, Procession, Dreams Never End, Your Silent Face, We All Stand, Ultraviolence, The Village, Age Of Consent, In A Lonely Place, Ceremony


Ultraviolence, 586, Procession, Your Silent Face

The soundcheck can be heard below...

The gig tape I have (AUDv1) is denoted as as second generation.  Quality very good, gig well-recorded.  Setlist on nogig is correct. A few other versions exist as well, for a total of six identified audience versions.  The one above on YouTube is AUDv6.

Sounded like a fairly rowdy gig, with technical problems. Guess that's normal for Mancs playing to Scousers.

Photos from Andy Carroll of the band can be seen here.

As well as photos from Paul Baines on the MDMA website.


PH: "We'll wait till..."

(you can hear a keyboard line from BM at a couple of points)

Hooky blurts out something about four minutes in. The first few minutes consist of simply the bass riff, as NO is presumably trying to get stuff to work right. Song lasts a total of more than ten minutes.


PH: "A bit more light please, Andy."

(a moment later)

"A little bit more, mate."

(a moment after that, sounding a tidge consternated)

"Andy, a little bit more light please!"

The start of Dreams Never End falls apart after a bit.

Your Silent Face

(crowd is apparently not hearing what they want to hear and getting rowdy...somebody can be heard to cry out "Get on with it, you fuckers!)

BS: "Shhhhhhhh...."

Long break between KW1 and We All Stand, you can hear the crowd getting more restless.

follows. Lovely synth effects at the end, which continues through the pause between tracks.

The Village

People can be heard shouting for their JD favorites like Transmission and Warsaw, there's a long break between Ultraviolence and The Village.

BS: "You tell us what to play and we *won't* play it!"

Punters cries out for Ceremony and Warsaw.

BS: "Airight, this one's by the Human League, we're into cover versions now."

PH: (tsks-tsks) "Whatever happened to tolerance?"

PH: "Wot?"

Finally, after a long time, the track starts.

PH: "Well, clap along with it!"

Age Of Consent

Bernard says something at the start I can't make out.

Ends with a Hooky bass solo that goes on for about a minute, and elicits cheers.

In A Lonely Place

BS: "Sorry, we've got huge technical problems."


PH: "This is the one that Sequential Circuits have been waiting for. No. Ready? A bit of light Andy onstage, please!"

Sequential Circuits Prophet V's with the original chipset, forget what it's called at the moment, are notoriously unreliable and detune quickly, so maybe that was the problem in this case.

(after song is through)

BS: "Ah, we're finished, you can go home."


AUD #1 unknown / Tock+TBB ANA1 - Picks up the PA hum throughout. Brief edit at 0:17 of 'We All Stand'. A/B between 'The Village' and AoC. 

AUD v2 Tim-Shug / ANA1 - Said to be an 'awful recording', which it is. Tape crease 6:45-6:50 in 586. Cut near the end of Age Of Consent (A/B flip), side B catches the start of the ending bass coda. As this tape split matches that in AUDv4 this could be partially derived from a degraded version of that.

AUD #3 Eddie Wolfram / Sony TCS-300 series / Aiwa CM-30 - Some talking at about 0:55 in and a brief cut during 586 at the 1:20 point. Also has a brief cut at about 4:00 of WAS. Age Of Consent cuts after approx 2:25 due to being spotted by security. 

AUD #4 unknown / ANA1 - Cuts between WAS/UV, A/B between The Village and AoC.

AUD #5 soundcheck 17m

AUD #6 version on YouTube - Good quality recording, at least AU3. Loud audience starting before the start of 5-8-6, which has a dropout about 0:38s. c30 flip point (not on master) between We All Stand and Ultraviolence.

Versions from MKB , Dec Hickey, and CW also exist, not sure whether these intersect with the others or not.


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