NO: 12 MAR 1983 Recreation Centre - Kingston-Upon-Thames, Tolworth


Fractured / Image playlist


Blue Monday, In A Lonely Place, Chosen Time, Dreams Never End, We All Stand, Leave Me Alone, Age Of Consent, Temptation, 586, Everything's Gone Green 

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The Confused Dreams bootleg lists:

the beach, in a lonely place (?), icb, dreams never end, "move back, scooter blocking", (3 miles to go), leave me alone?, (I'm not the kind), temptation, (heard you calling), "doors jammed, we can't get out", everything's gone green

I looked this show up in AIFL. The author mentions that Bernard had to ask the crowd to step back because a lot of people were getting crushed against the stage. Right after this, there was a "very important" announcement about a scooter blocking some truck. The license # given matched the AIFL author's scooter, and he rushed outside to find the scooter hosted high into the air on some sort of fork lift! Peter Hook is heard to announce something like "You better show some respect, 'cause there's some big blokes up here that'll TEAR YOUR FUCKIN' 'EAD OFF!" (see what he actually says below -ed.) At the end of the show (before the encore) Bernard announces something about "the only reason we're back is 'cause the door's jammed and we can't get out".

Anyway, all this talking is audible and intelligible on the tape, unlike a lot of tapes (and concerts) where they're sayin' shit on the stage the nobody can understand ;-)

From: "Tony Maddocks"
Subject: Re: Anyone going to the Apollo
Date: Sat, 12 Nov 2005 11:14:58 -0000

Sounds like the Brixton gig went down really well.

First time I saw NO was at the State in Liverpool I think it was '83 or 4. Lucky to get 30 mins out of them then! The gig was marred by Manc/Scouse banter "You bunch of lathargic Scouse bas@£ds", and so on. I remember Barney snatching a camera out of some amxious guys hands only th photograph him and return it! Great but short set. I was only thinking yesterday what a shame we never hear Doubts or Dreams Never End live anymore.

Source MP3 on Anthology Part One. I have this elsewhere on at least three separate tapes and two different CDs. The Confused Dreams bootleg edits out a lot of the interesting between-track bits.

In A Lonely Place

PH: "This is the brass section. If the Jam can do it, I'm sure we can."

Dreams Never End

Essential performance of this classic.

We All Stand

BS: "Listen, you better move back. Everyone had better move back, right, cuz a lot people are getting hurt and thrown."

Somebody comes up on stage...

" S.S..Sorry to interrupt you here but we got a very important announcement here. There's someone who owns a scooter, SMG643Y, that's SMG643Y, now if they can go and remove it, because it's causing obstruction to one of the trucks. Thanks a lot, and don't spit at me."

This of course was the scribe Mark Johnson's scooter, New Order weren't too happy with the way he was following the band and decided to play a practical joke on him and have his scooter lifted up.

PH: "What's that? [smooch] Worth waiting for!"

Confused Dreams leaves this out, what a shame. 

Leave Me Alone

PH: "16, I think. It's been a long time."

Age Of Consent

BS: "This one's a fast one for all you bollock brains."


PH: "You shouldn't swear, there are several big blokes here that'll RIP YER FUCKING 'EAD OFF"


NO call out "Confusion!" during the chorus.

'Everything's Gone Green

BS: "One, two! Listen, we've only come back on because the door's jammed and we can't get out."

(mp3 has Bernard's announcement about why they came back edited out)

"A halo that covers my balls..."

End has song fading out to a reggae tape... 



SBD #1 - featured on Confused Dreams and is the version shared online

VID #1 - unidentified, may be the versions of "We All Stand" and "Leave Me Alone" from this source were used on the Extras portion for PC&L Definitive Edition.

VID v2 - Dec Hickey (lost/stolen, only a portion of 'Age Of Consent' survives) 
AUD #1 - unknown - at least 9 different people are known to have taped this show, but not established chain of custody determining who this is from.

AUD v2 - CW Sony TCS-300

Other recordings from Eddie Wolfram, Duncan, Dave Lees, AC1, and Jon Marsh need to be matched up or taxonomied.


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