NO: 11 MAR 1983 The Ace - Brixton

Fractured/Image playlist


Everything's Gone Green, Hurt, The Village, Ultraviolence, Ceremony, ICB, Age Of Consent, Blue Monday, Your Silent Face


Your Silent Face (instrumental), Blue Monday, ICB, Hurt (w/ LWTUA bass +brief instrumentals of Transmission/Heart & Soul/The Eternal)

Melody Maker 26 Mar 82 - Live review by Lynden Barber - A bit over the top, however the conclusion is spot on.

Notes about circulating versions. There are numerous different live recordings, no less than ten by Craig Wood's account.

To quote..."well now....listening to MY tape.. (referring to the "F**king puerile" comment) this shout would appear to be from DOWNSTAIRS... so i have a different one...and we now have nine (or more!) sources for this tape... the eight i know about the one from downstairs and maybe a couple more..."

Everything's Gone Green

BS: "One two."

On archives version, somebody yells, "Play something different!"

Stereo shift at 3:58 (AUDv2), right at the end. A bit of guitar tuning, and then Sumner busts out with a guitar riff (can't place it) that causes folks to cheer.


Cut at 1:44 on AUDv2.

At 6:00 Barney starts repeating "Confusion", in anticipation of that forthcoming song.

Weird chatter here, including somebody shouting out and folks reacting...on the archives version you can hear a lady saying, "That's weird." The second version I hear "that's brilliant."

Hooky then makes a weird repeated grunting song.

PH: "You're supposed to be fucking civilized!"

That gets a rise out of the crowd.

The Village

Brief cut at 0:45 (AUDv2)...probably a transfer glitch. Another glitch at 2:46. Stereo field shift at 3:17.

Lots more raucous audience shouting, including this classic.

Hooky says something I can't make out, "" something.

punter: "Dogshit on my boot, fucking puerile!" (much closer on AUDv2 than on the one in my archives)


Another glitch at 0:55...(AUDv2).


Glitch at 0:46. Another at 2:45. (AUDv2)


Hooky starts this one in a different key.

Punters speaking about getting drinks at the bar on AUDv2.

Age Of Consent

Stereo field shift at 1:12.

lyrics: "I've got a big cock, and I need to tell yoooouuuu..."

Edit in the AUDv1 at this point.

BS: "Thanks very much, even if you are 90% gay."

Blue Monday

Slight glitch at 0:33 of this, almost sounds like they're starting it over. Stereo field shift at 3:15, and another at 5:15.

Your Silent Face

Lots more audience shouting in front of this one.

PH: "What's that to do with us, [name]?"

Sounds like the recorder or something close to it gets dropped at 0:43 or so.


Sound is pretty poor, sounds like it was recorded in a washtub.

Drumming, possibly of 'Blue Monday' parts, of all things. A complete instrumental version of Your Silent Face follows, followed by samples from Blue Monday, and then guitar from Leave Me Alone, followed by basslines to Age Of Consent and LWTUA.

Bernard then plays a riff that I've heard before that I can't place.

Then a full take of Blue Monday, followed by the guitar riff of ICB, and then guitar and bass of Transmission (lasts for 30 seconds or so). Tape ends with ICB.


About five different versions have been catalogued to date.

I've used one of these for the writeup, which was sourced by TJ (taxonomied as AUD #2), and compared it to the one in my archives. This version appears to have been taped on the floor, while my archives version (AUD #1) was taped up in the balcony, and is the same one that appears on YouTube, and is probably the best recording of the lot. It typically is paired with the soundcheck, which was believed to have been recorded by Mark Johnson.

TJ's posting of this version (ANA2) back in 2005 to EZT, a predecessor to DIME has the noted glitches (in italics), but more recent renditions of this version obtained since then do not have these. I have kept them in the account as this version circulates publicly.

AUD #2 has about 5s of chatter before Bernard speaks. AUD #1 starts in right away.

Another recording I have features lots of treble hiss (Dolby recording with non-Dolby playback) but very good dynamics. More audience chatter before the start on this one than the above two. This could be AUD v4. which was likely recorded by CW, but could also be AUD v5 (taper unknown) - perspexorange: "It’s got the taper saying ‘Hello!’ right at the start of the recording (during EGG) and the voice sounds European, although I might be mistaken."

This show was also videoed by Dec Hickey using a Multi-Broadcast video camera, which has unfortunately been lost, although the audio capture from the video mic still exists. A couple of other Bedford folk also documented this show, one of which (AUD v3) I've heard.



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