NO: 26 FEB 1983 Kolingsborg - Stockholm, Sweden


Ultraviolence, Chosen Time, Dreams Never End, We All Stand, Senses, Hurt, The Village, Age Of Consent, Blue Monday, Temptation

Source is a somewhat-hissy, but fairly good-sounding tape from the archives. An even better 2nd version has surface that includes all ten tracks, as featured above.


Titled "Who Killed My Father" on the cassette, which is also the first line. Intro has a neat slap-bass sound. There's a cutout at 1:25. Hooky's bass cuts through Bernard's first line in the second verse, and seems fairly pronounced.

Chosen Time

Some chattering (in Swedish) between songs and during the intro. Left channel dropout at 2:25 or so. Loud cheering after this is done. Edit. On the complete version, Bernard say something I can't make out, something like, "That's not the first..."

After a rousing version Dreams Never End, the band tentatively start into We All StandSenses follow. On the incomplete version, the Volume on right channel drops and slowly rises again from about 3:45 to 4:00. Ends with "shooting" synth songs.

Swedish punter sounds like he's saying "y'all kiss his grits", heh.

BS: "All right, we're gonna slow everything down a little now, next one's a ballad."

Titled "Cramp" on my cassette label, I wouldn't call Hurt much of a slowdown. Hooky's bass sound is especially dominating in the live mix. A bit of an epic, this one, ending cheers fade out.

The Village

Second time this one is played.

Hooky's bass fills differentiate this song from how it usually sounds.

Ends in tuning guitars.

Age Of Consent

Hooky's plays the intro on the wrong string, or at the wrong pitch! Vocals are low in the mix here. Some cut-outs between the 1:20 and 1:30 mark. (old version)

A/B flip at this point.

Blue Monday

Bit of a false start, lasting about 20 seconds.


The band go off for 15 minutes but finally come back on. Lots of clapping at the start. Hooky tunes up a bit right before the song starts up.

A bit of the old version is documented here:

Photos of Kolingsborg, including interior, bu Anders Bengtsson.



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