NO: 25 FEB 1983 Kolingsborg - Stockholm, Sweden


Fractured / Image playlist


Your Silent Face, Procession, Ceremony, Truth, Leave Me Alone, 586, untitled instrumental, Age Of Consent, Denial, Temptation, In A Lonely Place

MP3 version can be found on Anthology Volume 5

Also have this on tape, appears to be taken from LP. A superior version of the same (better stereo separation) taken directly from LP has been seeded on STG.

Like many of the earlier concerts, New Order are fairly taciturn.

586 opens with a bit of Your Silent Face mixed in, probably a sequencer foulup.

Then follows a 1:40 sequence of never-before-heard and unreleased music! The guitar does sound a bit like Everything's Gone Green, though.

BS: "Just waiting for the sequencers to work."

Age Of Consent has a different ending than standard.

The drumming for Denial starts sluggish and picks up in tempo. Neat trick.

Lots of clapping and cheering after Temptation concludes. NO come back on and play In A Lonely Place as an encore, which has a bit of tinkering in the opening portion.

Picture of venue from Joy Division Central.



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