NO: 29 JAN 1983 Great Hall, Joint Student Union - Cardiff, Wales




In A Lonely Place, Age Of Consent, Ultraviolence, Chosen Time,
We All Stand, Everything's Gone Green, The Village, Dreams Never End, Procession, Hurt, Temptation

The Wake opened. 

Tape from 'Dave Mings' listed as M/2-ish.

In A Lonely Place

Opens with some early-80s yuckage playing over the PA, before it transitions into the dulcet tones of this masterpiece.

Punter yells at 1:02, "Get down you wanker!". Somebody else follows up, "Get out". Lots of chatter simmering at the surface during Barney's first verse. Hard to make it out but you can hear "freaking out" at one point. At 2:07, somebody really close to the mic says something like "Trixie", most mysterous.

Lots of calling out in the gap between songs, of course.

Age Of Consent

Bernard's intro a bit off key.

Band tunes up between songs.


A particularly good version.

lyric: "Burned my soul/in this hellhole"

On the BV version I have, after this you can hear a punter mysteriously exclaim, "C'mon Julian" (twice) and "drop the tenner"...and (a bit further away) a "C'mon Bernie".

Chosen Time

A tiny bit of soundchecking before they start up. Whistling and cheering at the end, and some shout outs.

We All Stand follows.

Everything's Gone Green

Not the epic version of the old days, but a mere 4:14 in length. Bernard Sumner's guitarwork being the highlight here.

The Village

Last line before the refrain mentions "shit".

Dreams Never End

Punter says "wot's that?" at the start.


Cut at end, cutting out the first bit of the next song. Other versions also split at this point.

Hurt and Temptation close out the set, each song having been a seperate encore.

Hurt has a strange stuttering bit in this performance, listen for it!


About 90 minutes in length.

Sound quality's not that great. Lots of barely audible shouting from the stage and muttering among the guys recording this.

Side A

Drumming tuning 1

You can hear the bootleggers talking for the first part, setting up. "Where's Steve Morris? I'm sure he's on drums."Your Silent Face - keyboard bits
Drumming tuning 2
Blue Monday - bits
Truth - bits
Drumming tuning 3
Blue Monday - sequencer 1
Truth - drums
Senses - drums
Blue Monday - sequencer 2
Ecstasy - keyboards

It's just a shakily-played keyboard melody, but it is identifiable as Ecstasy, which as far as I know has never been played live.

Side B

In A Lonely Place - keyboards
Misc 2
"Wake up Barney!" (shouted from the stage) "Probably quite rusty haven't played so long" (muttered near the recording mic)Blue Monday - aaaah
Misc keyboards
5.8.6 - keyboards
Everything's Gone Green - sequencer 1
No playing for a while

The bootleggers are talking about miscellaneous and sundry things, like how to get backstage, and can somewhat be heard, as there's no playing.

"Steve was just the lad, going along for the ride"Everything's Gone Green - sequencer 2 (off and on)
Leave Me Alone - guitar
Hooky bass - unknown melody(!)
Hooky bass - Love Will Tear Us Apart
Hurt - intro 1
Hooky - one two one two ad infinitum 1
Bernard guitar - unknown melody(!)
Hooky - one two one two ad infinitum 2
Hurt - intro 2
Keyboard tuning
Hurt - intro 3 (on and on, for quite a while)

Near the end, somebody starts singing "Inside me, Inside my soul" (from Denial) The starstruck fan apparently was a loss for words when Bernard and Stephen apparently came up to talk to them. Kind of funny to hear the bootlegger talk about having just taped the soundcheck before the tape runs out.


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