NO: 26 JAN 1983 The Hacienda - Manchester

Fractured / Image playlist


Your Silent Face, Temptation, Ceremony, Truth, Leave Me Alone, Denial, 586, Age Of Consent, Blue Monday


Your Silent Face, 586, Blue Monday, Truth

John Frye found the following review of the performance by  Dave Roberts of Sounds:

Frank Worral interviews Peter Hook and has a tidbit about he show as well. It's the usual journalistic baiting otherwise.

Don't miss the bottom picture if you get a chance!

Your Silent Face appears in Fac71, of course. The audio is monoaural.

Gillian is wearing a thin-strap pink tube top. Hooky is in a plain white T-shirt. The band are lit in that eerie blue glow. Bernard's vocals sound double-tracked, and yes, one of the pillars is in the way of the cameraman.

I have multiple copies of this. The first is on tape, not take from  the "New Dances" (missing Leave Me Alone) or "Radio Pictures" (missing Truth) bootlegs. My copy is missing "Truth" and "Denial",  meaning it's probably from "New Dances" with Denial being left off my cassette for space reasons.

The second is a second-generation copy, same master as the prior, but with much more clear sound (thanks to booomboom from for sharing), which I believe is here:

There's also a different version (very poor sounding) on Mixcloud.

Your Silent Face

Tidbits of a conversation can be heard through the intro.

guy: "What can anyone do?"
girl: "What did you say?"
guy: "Hello? wot?"

The guy says something else and the girl giggles.

PH: "A bit more bass drum through the front, please, Ed."


Pleasant bass synth effect.

Fade between Ceremony and Leave Me Alone on boot-sourced version. There's a fade between Leave Me Alone and Denial on the "booomboom" copy, as well as a cut between 586 and Age Of Consent.

Blue Monday

punter: "John, Johnny Gilmore, Johnathan!"

Intro synth fades out to just the drumbeats, and then comes back

punter: " to me!"
another punter [in strained voice]: "What is going on??"

CW says he has "Truth" from the soundcheck.

Soundcheck is from a newly surfaced source, taped from the Whitworth St. side entrance.

Your Silent Face appears in instrumental form. This is the first time this track is aired on UK soil. One of the punters is heard to say, " it possible?".

Bernard one-two's a few times for the sound crew to check vocal levels. He then says, "Ed, less vocals." Presumably, Ed responds, but his reply is difficult to make out among the din.

Then you can hear Hooky play 586 bass bits, and then the following conversation:

punter #1: "Ever Heard Of The Village?"
punter #2: "Wha'?"
punter #1: "The Village. Have they..." [at this point #2 interrupts, and they're talking at the same time]
punter #2: "The Village?"
punter #1: "Yeh?" [synth]
punter #2: "What have you heard about the Village?"
punter #1: "Have they done that track yet?"
punter #2: "The Village, The Village. Is that the new track?
punter #1: "Yeah." At this point Bernard starts yelling to the sound crew.
punter #2: " Tell us about it! Is it [good?]
punter #1: "Yeah."

Then Hooky and presumably Oz exchange comments, there's a tape edit at this point.

A vocal take of 586 follows, followed by some keyboard parts, which melds into Blue Monday. Another unintelligible Hooky comment, and then the sound of a motorbike passing by (remember, this was taped outside the door). Than a vocal take of Truth and a bunch of both Barney and Hooky saying "one-two" to round things out.


AUD #1 - "Radio Pictures" bootleg / ANA2 from boomboom

AUD #2 - Eddie Wolfram / Sony TCS-300 with with Aiwa CM-30 or builtin

AUD #3 - CW / Sony TCS-300 with built-in mics

AUD #4 - JK / Sony TCS-300 / Sony TCS-300 with with Aiwa CM-30 or builtin

AUD #5 - ATR / Toshiba KT-R2 with built-in mics

AUD #6 - unknown - mic right after somebody yells out 'play us the record' at the start of 5-8-6 that doesn't match other versions.

AUD #7 - benno / Marantz PD-350 / Marantz Superscope EC-1

AUD #8 - friend of Colin Torr / may be same as mixtape/'Love And Carnage' version.  A shout can be heard after KW1. No mic tap/thump at 'play us the record' at the start of 5-8-6.


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