NO: 11 DEC 1982 Manly Vale Hotel - Sydney, Australia


From Hooky's Omega Auctions listing

Supported by Pel Mel.



As there is are both audience and soundboard tapes in Hooky's collection of live NO recordings, it is presumed this show did occur.  

There are no known circulating recordings (or even a listing) documenting this show.

An Australian Music History article about Selina's being the host of many seminal Australian and overseas bands doesn't shed further light.

Their gigography site does not feature a 11 DEC 1982 entry, but it is still plausible as they did have gigs on Saturdays (it would have been shocking had they not), and there's a Divinyls / The Expressions show the prior night.

Tim McGee shares his notes about the tour:

"My sister's band, Pel Mel, supported them on tour and played before them (not sure if it was every gig but certainly in Sydney and Melbourne.) I don't think there was another support band except JCC.

The tour was promoted by Ken West and Vivien Lees, who are the promoter who run The Big Day Out for many years, Australia’s biggest festival tour.

Ken has a great history managing bands like The Laughing Clowns (with ex-Saint Ed Kuepper) and Pel Mel and also promoting tours of bands like The Birthday Party.

I certainly saw the concerts at the Capitol, Manly Vale and Selinas.  JCC did support them, and we also saw him at the Trade Union Club, where he did a fairly high intensity set that had the punters in a highly argumentative state fairly quickly.

He also told some great jokes (!) I seem to remember, when he wasn't railing to the backing track at a million miles.

The Manly Vale is closed I think. It was a huge suburban beer barn, with a good room for music. I saw countless bands there including Echo & Bunnymen in November 1981 (again I think I was there with Pel Mel supporting), also The Cure in 1981. It was a giant room, very high, but with good sound. I remember a cracking Blue Monday that night."



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