NO: 10 DEC 1982 Selina's Coogee Bay Hotel - Sydney, Australia

From Hooky's Omega Auctions listing

Supported by Pel Mel.



As there is a soundboard tape in Hooky's collection of live NO recordings, it is presumed this show did occur.  

However, only the 1985 and 1987 shows are in circulation, there are no known circulating recordings (or even a listing) documenting this show.

An Australian Music History article about Selina's being the host of many seminal Australian and overseas bands doesn't shed further light.

Their gigography site does not feature a 10 DEC 1982 entry, but it is still plausible as they did have gigs on Fridays, and there's an Icehouse / Hoodoo Gurus show the following night.


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