NO: 08 DEC 1982 Victoria University - Wellington, New Zealand

(Fractured / Image playlist)


Your Silent Face / Tempation / Dreams Never End / The Him / Leave Me Alone / In A Lonely Place /  Hurt / Denial / Age Of Consent / Blue Monday // 5-8-6

The original Gigography listing for both this and the 06 DEC 82 gigs are believed to be swapped, with this having been listed as the Christchurch date. This has been fixed.

Details regarding this gig from GaoBest

your silent face (w/ false start)
dreams never end
the him
leave me alone
in a lonely place
age of consent
blue monday
5-8-6 (missing part of beginning???)

81 minutes

note: this is the mixing desk recording; originally recorded on reel-to-reel tape, in incorrect phasing; phasing corrected in 1983 or 1984 or so; later archived to DAT in LP (32khz) speed. note: there is also an audience recording, of which I've not yet heard to determine if the 5-8-6 track is longer.

Your Silent Face

Fans say stuff like "fuck this" during the silence after the false start.

Somebody burps before the start of Temptation.

Dreams Never End and The Him follow.

Then a halting start to Leave Me Alone.

The last lines of the first stanza are "And all days end just the same."

In A Lonely Place

End bass notes back into Hurt.

This version has different lyrics at the end. The reverb makes it difficult to make these out.

Denial is next, followed by Age Of Consent.

Hooky calls out "1-2-3-4", which can barely be heard, out of the break.

Some drum sequences.

Blue Monday

(the following is in response to a heckler, but I can't entirely make it out)

BS: "I can't fucking hear a word you're saying so if you don't like it, you can fuck off. She said...making fun of fact, I could be in bed at this very moment. You like drums? I hope you like drums because it goes on like this for another half an hour, and there's another one just the same after it." (thanks to tribeca737 for the corections)

"Those who came before you/
Made a real mess/
From the murder to confusion/
We'll turn away no more."

There's also other this is a very early version, only the third time that this is played. Love the ending, pitch-shifted synth wash.


The taper inadvertently hits pause about about 6:47 or so. (this might refer to the beginning part of 586, which on the soundboard version is 16:20 long)

After about 14:00, the tempo speeds up. 


Alternate full version of soundboard from whatdoidonow1996



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