NO: 06 DEC 1982 Victoria University - Wellington, New Zealand



ICB, Everything's Gone Green, Chosen Time, Procession, We All Stand, Ultraviolence, Senses, Ceremony, The Village, 586

From AR's master recording, not especially clear but plenty good enough for the purpose.

This date was originally given for Christchurch, but it turns out that both 06 DEC and 08 DEC were in Wellington.


A bit of bass soundchecking before the song starts.

(Between 'line of force from heaven' and 'a tear in a strangers eye')

BS: "Turn the foldback on please."

(at end)

punter: "Still can't see a bloody thing..."

Other assorted comments before the band start in on Everything's Gone Green.

Lots of audience chatter at the two minute mark.

Taper or someone close to him says 'In A Lonely Place'. The group play Chosen Time instead.

Procession follows.

We All Stand features quite a distinctive bass synth sound here.

BS: "Drum machine through the foldback please."

At the end, somebody says, "Gillian, give me a smile..."



"who saw those dark eyes?
who saw those dark eyes?
touch my skin
deep within
burn like coal
in this shithole
shut your mouth
A fucking bore(?)..."

Punter cries out for 'Mesh', which they stopped playing in early 1981.

Senses follows.

False start for Ceremony.  Another cry for 'Mesh'.

The Village follows.

Call for 'Dreams Never End'...but the last song turns out to be 5-8-6 instead.




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