NO: 19 SEP 1982 Sporting Arena - Athens, Greece


 (Fractured/Image playlist)


Temptation, Procession, Ultraviolence, Truth, We All Stand, Senses, Hurt, Dreams Never End, The Village (aborted), Age Of Consent, Ceremony, In A Lonely Place

Temptation starts things off, and sounds fairly bouncy.

A break between _Procession_ and _Ultraviolence_ and some audience chatter. At the start of of UV Bernard says a word or two that's impossible to make out. There's a tape cut about 2:30 in. Very interesting 'stutter' ending.


The intro to Ultraviolence gets fired off by mistake.

We All Stand

More audience chatter (in Greek) as New Order prep for the next song.

BS: "Shut up, you stupid p...sters!"

A loud reverb/echoed scream after the "end of the road" bit. Barney sings "to the end of the road" near the end. Song ends abruptly with the keyboard motif played really badly.

Bernard says something that starts of with, "If you got..." but I can'tmake out the rest.



Features following stanza after the bridge:

"Too hard to rumble/Too hard to humble/Too hard to mumble."


Edit in tape, so the first bit is cut.

This one also has different lyrics, with Bernard announcing "I hate you...I don't know you, and I don't want to." and a lot of other bits that will be fun to pick out.

Dreams Never End is its usual rousing self.

The Village (aborted)

New Order tune and Bernard mumbles out something to introduce. They try to play the Village, but fail, and the crowd boos in derision.

Age Of Consent

Features the homage to Lou Reed involving skin color and hugely-sized genitalia.

As well as, "I have a boy that needs to tell you..." and "Well, the past is the past and the present is never..." and other improvisations I need to pick out.


The A and B sides to FAC33, Ceremony and In A Lonely Place, close out the set.

The following was the original entry, which I believe is not true:

"Tracks 9-11 of the second 'Dreams Never End' boot are taken from this performance. There's no audience banter to speak of, but sound quality is very good, having originated as a soundboard recording."



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