NO: 11 SEP 1982 Futurama Four / Deeside Leisure Centre - Queensferry, North Wales


 (Fractured/Image playlist)


Ultraviolence, Dreams Never End, Denial, Leave Me Alone, Procession, Chosen Time, In A Lonely Place, Everything's Gone Green, Temptation, Age Of Consent, 586


Description from the old list (

Tape bootleg lists:

ultraviolence, dreams never end, denial, unknown pleasures (interesting title for 'leave me alone' ed.), procession, chosen time, in a lonely place, everything's gone green, temptation, probable result ("I'm not the kind...") 586 (encore) [all sic] Incl. new song "Age of Consent"

The tape I have is of indeterminate quality, second or third generation. I also have an MP3, which uses a different source (need to verify this). Don't know which sounds better. Both snotters and waterisnat from STG seeded copies of this gig, but mine may be superior, although not really enough to warrant a re-reseed.  This is where the Fractured/Image version shared online likely derives from.

In 2006, a new version taped by v1 surfaced, better than any prior version.

Some good Bernie whoops and screams during Ultraviolence. Waterisnat's version has a dropout at 2:32.

Dreams Never End

Snotters' version has a brief dropout at 0:50. Mix has Hooky's vocals very low.


Punter on Snotters version comments that this is an old song.

Volume drop on Snotters' tape between 0:20-0:35, not present on other tapes, as well as at the 3:50 point.

Leave Me Alone has different lyrics, kinda hard to make out, but Bernard repeats "It's the last time" a few times.

On the v1 version, the taper comments that he'd rather sit down for a bit, with his female companion assenting.

Procession has a bit of "one two" soundchecking during the intro.

A remarkable occurrence, and the only time the band would perform a four-song segue.

Chosen Time segues into In A Lonely Place (with a detour into Hooky playing a bit of the bassline for Decades), which segues into Everything's Gone Green, which has a Hooky count-in and innovative dub effects, which segues into Temptation.

A/B split on v1 tape at this point.

Hooky has a false start with bass intro to Age Of Consent. Bernard sings "I wish I was black and had a six foot long dick."  Don't we all?  (setting aside the crassness and casual racism of the sentiment, of course)

The Snotters audience tape has somebody commenting on Bernard's change of lyrics. "He changed the words?"

Edit on v1 version.

Meanwhile people are cheering for an encore, which NO give, in the form of 586, sounding like Prime 5-8-6 but with vocals.

PH: "This is only because you've been here long as we have."


The sound is nothing to write home about.

Fast drumming
Slower drumming
Faster drumming
_Hurt_ (instrumental)
More drumming
Hooky checking the mics and other miscellany



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