NO: 18 JUN 1982 Tur Sports Centre, San Vito - Taranto, Italy


(from Max Zarucchi Max1334 YouTube)


In A Lonely Place, Dreams Never End, Chosen Time, The Him, ICB,  The Village, Denial, Everything's Gone Green, Ceremony, 586, Temptation

(Playlist by Fractured / Image)


A fairly-odd sounding one sound-wise...volume levels are all over the place...maybe be due to excessive NR, as my copy sounds fairly metallic.

In A Lonely Place and Dreams Never End are first up.

Some near audience comments (in Italian) during the intro of Chosen Time.

Powerful version of The Him.

A bit of feedback and tuning after this, as well as quite a bit of chatter.



Bernard scraps his guitar pick across his strings.

Girl calls out for "Sarahmoney" between tracks.

The Village follows. This is the only non Movement-era track they performed that night.

Denial sounds especially garbled here.

More "Sarahmoneys".

Everything's Gone Green

More loud shouting at the end of this.


Ditto here.

586 follows.

Amusing singalong to Temptation, with a few screaming out the name of the title. There's a break about a minute in, and lots of screaming near the end, some of it for "Barney".


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