NO: 22 JUN 1982 Rollingstone - Milan, Italy


(Max Zarucchi Max1334 YouTube)


Truth, Dreams Never End, Chosen Time, ICB, Leave Me Alone, Denial, Procession, 586, Temptation, Everything's Gone Green, When I'm With You (Sparks)

(Playlist by Fractured / Image)

CD from Solitude. Source is soundboard, sound is excellent. Have another version from TS with even better sound, though more hiss and less NR.


Fade-in. Crackling 8-9s in.

Dreams Never End

Barney tunes up as Gillian plays intro.

A bit more tuning before the Order play Chosen Time, Bernard's vocals start up low in the mix.

Barney says something (off-mic, impossible to make out) and changes guitars (you can hear him unplug/plug).


"Taken from a killing ground" line repeated. Hooky's backing vocals are fairly notable, as they're somewhat off-key.

Break in the TS version between the tracks.

Leave Me Alone

Seventh time they play this one. Interesting version, not the best playing, but worth paying attention to.

Bernard's guitar tone is different than it should be, and he's a bit off with respect to a few of the notes and playing in time to Gillian. Gillian's guitar is left speaker, Bernard's is right, as left guitar keeps playing as Barney sings.

The lyrics are a bit different. Open "thousand islands" line is awash in reverb.

lyrics: "They are favorite sayings(?) from head to toe, it's the same. There are a thousand bad dreams in the night, I've seen a thousand bloodless, sleepless fights..."


"There is [three words starting with 't'] on the horizon..."

The ending guitar salvos are somewhat different than the release.


About 2:00 the tape on the Sol version garbles as the heads run over a stretched bit.


The "life keeps getting stranger line" has special emphasis.


BS: "Quiet please, can't hear meself think up here." (not preserved on the soundboard version but is on the audience tape)

The intro for this version sounds more like Video 586 than the PC&L release, However, the lyrics are the same as the release. The break survives in the untitled portion of PC&L between "The Village" and "586".

This segues right into Temptation, and from there into Everything's Gone Green .

There's a dropout for a few seconds in all copies of EGG I've heard (at about 2:20) so that's likely a problem with the master. The sound effects rock, lots of reverb on Barney's vocals...this is about the time New Order really start coming into their own.

It sounds like the fans are yelling "Barney"...but it could be Italian for "more".

When I'm With You (Sparks)

PH: "If you liked the last three, you'll like this one." (only on audience version, soundboard has it cut)

This is the Sparks cover. It's extraordinary that New Order also had one other cover (Turn The Heater On) and an original (Too Late) that were debuted in the same month, but were never heard from again, at least in their original form.

At about 3:35, Barney states, "This is why we don't do encores..." and at 3:54, "This is a bad idea." There's a brief dropout at the 4:44 count that's present on the Sol version but not on the TS version. At almost the 11:00 Hooky starts playing the bass riff for Ceremony.


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