NO: 21 JUN 1982 Palasport - Bologna, Italy

 (from Max Zarucchi Max1334 YouTube)


Temptation, Procession, We All Stand, Senses, 586, Hurt, The Village, Denial, Dreams Never End, Ceremony, In A Lonely Place

(Playlist from Fractured / Image)

Taken from a bootleg LP, most likely the "Bologna 06/21/82" double LP issue. I'm now of the opinion that this is sourced from a an excellent-quality audience tape rather than a soundboard, as the kick drum/cymbals are more echoey than what you would get with a soundboard and there is near audience banter that can be heard in between the second and third songs.

Temptation and Procession start out the set. There's a fairly long gap between those and We All Stand.


Solid version of the Movement classic.


This version starts off with a repeated Hooky bass note, and a sequencer pattern close to, but not quite the same, as the one on Video 586.

Fade between 586 and Hurt.

The bass riff at some point on this goes deliciously off-key.

BS: "Thanks very much. We love Italy as well."

The Village

Lyrics are still not in their final form. A beautiful rendition.


"It goes up, it goes down, it touches the ground."

"Oh, this day is like the time, it comes behind...out our behind. This day is like the tide, it hurts me, it hurts me, it hurts me, it hurts me, I buy it, I'll buy it."

"The starlight is beautiful, the sky is quite nice too." "The starlight is beautiful, the sky, babe(?), is okay."

Any help in finalizing these lyrics would be most appreciated.

Edit between The Village and Denial, which segues neatly into Dreams Never EndCeremony and a very strong In A Lonely Place finish out the set. Actually, all the tracks are strong, this is a worthy mate to the Milan gig the day after.

Original text for this entry (not very accurately) read:

"Tracks 6-8 of the second 'Dreams Never End' boot are taken from this performance. There's no audience banter to speak of, but sound quality is very good, having originated as a soundboard recording." 

In case Max's upload gets taken down, here's some others:




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