NO: 16 JUN 1982 Tenax - Florence, Italy

(from Max Zarucchi Max1334 YouTube)


Dreams Never End, 586, Procession, Chosen Time, Truth, Senses, Ultraviolence, Everything's Gone Green, Temptation

(Playlist by Fractured / Image)

M/2 cassette seeded by davemings. Very good quality, taken from LP bootleg, all tracks fade in and out.

Dreams Never End

Feedback squall at start.

586 and Procession follow.

Then about 35 seconds of the intro to Ultraviolence.

BS: "Guilty request there." (not sure if this is what he says)

The band then play Chosen Time

Audience stop and clap between songs, and during the intro of Truth.


We hear a second or so, and then there's a tape edit and it starts over. Not sure if that's on the original vinyl or not.

Ultraviolence starts out at too-high a pitch, which give it its own unique identity. Excellent version.

Everything's Gone Green follows.

At 4:18 there's this amazing sequencer pattern, much more aggressive than is wont for this song.

Temptation ends the proceedings.


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