NO: 17 JUN 1982 Piper - Rome, Italy

(from Max Zarucchi Max1334 YouTube)


Ultraviolence, The Him, Chosen Time, Leave Me Alone, Senses, Hurt,  Ceremony, Temptation, Dreams Never End, Denial, 586

(Playlist by Fractured / Image)

Copy from PA. A somewhat hissy but still enjoyable audience tape, as this is quite a good recording.


A bit of PA bumpiness at the start.

Still with the "who killed my father" lyrics.  Huge static / feedback squall right when Bernard sings this.

The Him

Folks clap and cheer through the break.

Chosen Time

The bass sequencer falters at points.

Leave Me Alone follows.

The first verse of this song still doesn't have the final lyrics as they appear on PC&L.


New Order tune after the completion of this song. A bloke calls out something that sounds like "Barney", but is probably Italian.


Hooky plays the opening riff completely out of key.

The sound characteristics changes between 5:01 - 5:08, as if this source has been patched.

One lyric is "You must be joking".

Ceremony follows.


BS: "Buenos Aries."


BS: "No, it's not working. Push it." (or does he say "bullshit"?)

BS: "I might need some help anywhere these days." (last part uncertain)

New Order accidentally fire off the wrong sequencer program. (Hurt's instead of Temptation's)

BS: "[few words] is dead."

Dreams Never End follows, with some seconds of 'dead air', and then Denial.

BS: "Thank you very much."

Live footage of "Ultraviolence" (Who Killed My Father?) and "Hurt" (Cramp), taken from Live In Glasgow, CD2.  Shared by Max Zarucchi Max1334.



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