NO: 25 MAY 1982 - Kilburn National Ballroom - London, England

(playlist courtesy of Fractured/Image)


586, Chosen Time, Ultraviolence, Procession, We All Stand, Hurt, Denial, Temptation, New Order jam with 52nd Street (2 songs)

Melody Maker 5 Jun 82
Live review by Lynden Barber


Positive review, however the reviewer wasn't all that excited about New Order's jam with 52nd Street 30 minutes after their proper set.

"You talk too much." 

-Hooky addresses some punters
National Ballroom, Kilburn, 25 May 1982 (taken from Adam "Aleph" Gardner's signature)

Writeup, from a CD courtesy of Solitude.


Second time this is played.

PH: "Could we have a little bit of light up here Tony please? Thank you."

Hooky hits a few bum notes here, but otherwise it's the early version that some judge to be better than the one that ended up on PC&L.

lyric: "I see bloodshed in my skin..."

Great ending. Big songs...

Some audience chatter in between.

Chosen Time

Extended drum intro...

Somebody yells, "You fuck off." Quite a bit of shouting amongst different groups of punters, enough to get Hooky to state to the crowd, "You talk too much."


lyric: "Who saw the darkness?...Who saw the blind heat?"

At the end a fan comments, "turn the vocals up!"

Loud cheering when the synths of _Processions_ come on.

Somebody calls out for "Dreams Never End", punter closer to the taper comments "you _still_ talk too much". New Order tune their instruments, as somebody else says "Play something new."

We All Stand

Audience comment at end, "Nice one".

PH: "[can't make out], wash your tongues...You're not shouting anything. That's all."

Punter yells out, "Cheer up, Peter!" and Hooky then replies, "That's better."


A fabulous version.

Tape edit (actually two) at this point.


Sparkling guitars.

More tuning afterwards. Someone cries out for EGG.


Intro sounds like Everything's Gone Green, but then shifts...

Rapt applause and shouts for "More!", of course.

Squealing tape edit...

Jam with 52nd Street

Definitely unlike anything I've heard from the group before or since. Somebody from 52nd St. can be heard to shout out "Poison", which I think is the name of the track. Ends in feedback.


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