NO: 24 MAY 1982 - Pennies - Norwich, England

(playlist from Fractured/Image)


Ultraviolence, Procession, ICB, Chosen Time, Hurt, Denial, Everything's Gone Green, We All Stand, [encore] 5-8-6

Soundcheck (20 minutes):  The Passenger (instrumental), 5-8-6, The Village (bass), Hurt (instrumental)

(photo credit for ticket scan - Sophie Cornell)

Thanks to Jan Bollansee for clarifying some of the confusion regarding the sources available for this gig.

Have a tape that appears to be a dub from a boot CD labelled "Dreams Never End". However, this isn't the 3xLP of a couple of their '81 German gigs, but something completely different. Jan says that this issue (11 tracks) was done by the same people who released the 'Dead Bodies Can't Sing' and 'Ceremony' bootleg CDs, all of which were just sourced from prior bootleg LPs.

Here's the songlist of the DNE CD:

Chosen Time
Hurt (faded out mid-song)
Dreams Never End

Here's what I had originally written:

"The first 5 songs are exactly the same as Pennies, Norwich 24 May 82, but the sequence of the last six songs don't match anything else listed. 

Now, the only England '82 gig listed which doesn't have a track listing is Kilburn National Ballroom, London 05 May 82. What's weird is that Kilburn is listed again as having happened on 25 MAY 82."

I now believe that the 05 MAY 82 entry for Kilburn is probably bogus. The other tracks (thanks to Waterrat's documentation) are taken from the 21 JUN 82 Palasport Italy (586/Denial/Dreams Never End) and 19 SEP 82 Athens performance (Truth/Senses/Temptation). [this assumption is likely incorrect]

Actually, I have another tape of this gig, also taken from LP which has the same running order up to Hurt (as well as the fade) but then 586, Denial, and Everything's Gone Green. I haven't verified whether 586 and Denial are the same Palasport tracks as the DNE/England 82 boot, and I have no idea where EGG comes from.

Jan comments:

"As it happens, the first seven tracks of the 'DNE' CD come straight from the 'Long Farewell to Your Soul' bootleg (including the faded-out 'Hurt', which is at the end of side one of the LP). The four remaining tracks are from another vinyl bootleg I have, which documents the Florence '82 gig (and not Bologna & Athens, as you presume).

Then, you turn to a 'different' source for Norwich, from 'another' bootleg LP. In that instance, you actually give a complete description of the 'Long Farewell' LP, which closes with Denial, Grace Jones' Walking In The Rain and then the final encore of 'Everything's Gone Green'. I suspect that the latter track wasn't copied onto the 'DNE' CD because the intro is pretty garbled at the point where Bernard comes in on the guitar."

Of course, if you go by the labels listed on the cover, and by extention, on the WiM site:'d be fooled into thinking those tracks appeared on and/or in the order actually plated. Jan again:

"I've finally done the proper thing and taken out the vinyl bootleg. Presto, the mystery is solved: the tracklisting on the back cover says "Denial/EGG/We All Stand" (see scan), but I can definitely, 100% guarantee that that is not what is on the disc. It's just another case of bootleggers messing up the tracklisting on their product. The fact that the 'Procession' 2xLP lists the same sequence only goes to show that it is based on the "ALFTYS" set (as well as another 83 show). Oh, and now we also know that David Sultan doesn't listen to his bootlegs ;-) ."

And TJ digs out his audience tape copy and sees the setlist is actually:

Ultraviolence/Procession/ICB/Chosen Time/Hurt/Denial/EGG/We All Stand//586

I'm inclined to believe this was the actual setlist. And this has been confirmed. I'm not sure if TJ's audience copy is the same source as the bootleg...


Sequencer pattern is similar to Prime 586. There's a bit of a guitar solo in this one too. 

lyric: "Hit me hard..."

Procession follows.

After ICB, fan yells out something loudly, which I can't make out.

A bit of chatter during the _Hurt_ intro, after which somebody cheers. Mostly consisting of a female saying "No".

After all these years, the missing We All Stand has surfaced. Quite an interesting exploration. Maybe not appreciated by the bloke who yelled out "Wake up, you bastards!"

The gig ends with the debut of 586. The knowledgeable among New Order fanatics say that the best live performance of any of their songs is typically their first.

Certainly a case can be made for this version.

And this tidbit from Jan:

"I always find it fascinating to hear which songs were played before and after gigs... adds a lot to the atmosphere! Like Grace Jones' "Walking In The Rain" being played right after the debut performance of 5-8-6 in Norwich."


The Passenger

Bernard's playing the chords of the Iggy Pop tune, as one of the punters comments.

There's some talking as Hooky plays the bassline to 5-8-6 and From Safety To Where.  Followed by a full 5-8-6 take, and then a bit of The Village bass and a touch of melodica, as well has Hooky 1-2'ing.

Two takes of Hurt follow this, the second featuring the bassline to Cries And Whispers.

Then you can hear a lady's voice at the end.


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