NO: 17 APR 1982 - Le Palace - Paris, France



(playlist from Fractured/Image)


In A Lonely Place, Temptation, Chosen Time, Truth, Hurt, The Village, Denial, Procession, Ceremony

Have this on CD courtesy of Brian G. Sound quality is outstanding, as the source is an FM broadcast, easily equalling or surpassing Taras. Even better is a version provided by TS.

The setlist given by the old Waterrat site was as follows:

Temptation, Chosen Time, Truth, Hurt, In A Lonely Place, The Village, Denial, Procession, Ceremony

However, it seems that at least some FM copies of the gig, have has IALP as the first tune, not the fifth. There are edits between most, if not all, of the FM songs, so it's hard to tell sequencing.

TJ reports that the audience copy has IALP between Hurt and The Village. The audience version naturally does not feature breaks or gaps between tracks. However, he later realized that his copy did have the last 20 seconds of IALP at the beginning, so it *is* indeed the first song of the set.

So the proper setlist is:

In A Lonely Place, Temptation, Chosen Time, Truth, Hurt, The Village, Denial, Procession, Ceremony

The version of this performance on the New Order Anthologies has Truth and Hurt's titles mixed up. The songs are in the exact same order as the original Waterrat listing.

The sixth song in my CD is "Leave Me Alone", but this sounds like it was taken from an LP, with crackling, so this is likely an interpolation from an unknown performance. Likewise with the last song, which is ICB, and a cracking version too.

In A Lonely Place

Bernard includes an additional verse with the last two lines the same as "the hangman..." verse, but with the first two lines as follows:

"A light that shines down from above/A light that is guided by love"


Like the previous song, the vocals aren't turned up until the second line.


The drum machine seems to have a mind of its own during the intro. Outro transition between this and the next song is a bit rough, perhaps to edit out the broadcaster.


Hooky plays a somewhat different riff starting at 1:58. This version goes past 2:30 before Bernard starts vocals. There's some volume fluctuations on the TS version at about 1:30.

This live version, like some others includes the "Let me take you... anywhere you want." lyric. Drum break at about 4:30-ish.

The Village

Second time ever that this song is played live. Hooky says something in the first few seconds that I can't make out.

Bass synth riff slightly different than on PC&L.

Significant difference in lyrics as well, with the following highlights:

"Our love is like the flowers, the trees, the birds and the sea"

"Our love is like death on ice and our love cease to be"

Song is greeted to more applause than any other song to this point.


The intro blazes, and the pace doesn't let up. Outstanding.

Even more applause.


High pitched bass pluck at 0:10 in. Another fast one. Song ends with synth wash and guitar. 

Performance featured on the Movement Definitive Edition boxset.  Courtesy of neworder YT.


Wow, this is the fastest I've ever heard the Order perform this one.

Here follow notes on the songs that I believe are interpolations.

Leave Me Alone

Definitely sourced from elsewhere, due to the increase in surface noise consistent with an LP dub. Barney's opening riff is slightly off. Vocals start at 1:23.


Very bass/drum-dominated mix, with some amp buzzing. This one sounds more closely in line with the Paris gig, but the vocals sound different, more consistent with his later style.





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