NO: 15 APR 1982 - L' Ancienne Belgique - Brussels, Belgium


(playlist by Fractured/Image)


We All Stand, Ceremony, Dreams Never End, Hurt, The Him, Ultraviolence, Chosen Time, Senses, Everything's Gone Green, Temptation 

First source was a set of MP3 files downloaded from the net, which may have originated from a vinyl LP, though it's hard to tell since there's very few (if any) pops or crackles.

Snotters then posted these to STG, from a 2nd gen tape, likely the same source as the above.

This is a superb performance.

We All Stand

The debut performance. I suspect they never topped it.

Extraordinarily good instrumentation here, especially the interplay between guitar and bass, helped by the reverb.

v1 notes:

"It is absolutely fantastic, some of New Order's best ever guitar interplaying as well, all those descending chord configurations.

"Searching for the darkness,
searching for the darkness,
Cut below the headlights
Cut below the headlights
At the old casbah in Cairo x 4
Burnt by the sunshine
Burnt by the sunshine
Keeled to the floor
Keeled to the ground
At the old casbah in Cairo..."

'Rock The Casbah' this is not.

About 25 seconds of silence where the fans chatter in their native tongue.

Ceremony has a punter (in the audience, left channel) singing the lyrics along with Bernard, but because Sumner's vocals don't come in immediately, the punter sounds like he's doing very quiet backing vox. Brief drop at about 2:35.

Some talking during the intro of Dreams Never End.

Hurt features a chattery keyboard line.

The Him  follows.

Ultraviolence is faded in, and there's a bit of mic scuffling in the first few seconds. The programmed synth sounds a lot like 586's. This is another "Who killed my father?" variation.

At some point I should write up the lyrics for this version.

Another longish-gap between Chosen Time  and Senses filled with ponging synthetics.

Somebody calls out "All right" at the start of Everything's Gone Green. Different stuttering synths at the 4:30ish mark. Brief dropouts at 8:20 or so.

The levels drop a bit during Temptation. The echo at the end sounds artificially induced, whatever that means. 


Alternate YouTube share, probably from the same recording:



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