NO: 11 APR 1982 - Muziekcentrum - Utrecht, Netherlands



Ultraviolence, The Him, Ceremony, Dreams Never End, Senses, Leave Me Alone, Denial, Everything's Gone Green, Hurt 

(playlist from Fractured/Image)


Description by Jan Bollansee:

"The penultimate show of the 5-date Dutch tour in April 1982, captured by at least two tapers. Tracks 1-3 are from an audience recording that starts out as a 7+ but improves to 8+ by Ceremony. From track 4 onwards, the source is a superior audience recording that unfortunately cuts in during the intro to Dreams Never End; presumably this taper arrived a little late at the venue? Anyway, our favourite taciturn band delivers (races through) another great performance, including an early rendition of Leave Me Alone and a 15-minute exploration of 'Cramp'. Check it out!

This recording, another low-gen gem, once more comes courtesy of TJ. No recording seems to circulate of the last night in Holland, on the 12th of April at the Staargebouw in Maastricht, so it's off to Belgium after this!" 


False start at beginning.

Band tune up afterwards, and you can hear someone loudly talking at the start of The Him.

Something rare, a drum misfire by Morris at about 3:10.

Song concludes with Hooky's bass, and more tuning, a small edit, and then yet more tuning.

Ceremony follows.

Different source used for Dreams Never End, which is cut.

Senses follows on the heels of DNE.

Hooky tunes at the end of this song.

Leave Me Alone

Bass solo starts out a bit shaky, and a bit in the wrong key (the tuning didn't help it seems). But otherwise, a solid rendition.

Denial and Everything's Gone Green follow.

Then follows a fourteen-and-a-half workout of Hurt to close things out.


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