NO: 10 APR 1982 - Stokvishal - Arnhem, Netherlands



ICB, Procession, Dreams Never End, Truth, Hurt, Senses, Chosen Time, Denial, Temptation 

(playlist from Fractured/Image)

Fairly good sounding tape. Probably a few generations off master, though. The last set with all Movement-era songs the band were to play.

New Order open the set with ICB.

Next up is Procession.  A bit of audience chatter at the start (in Dutch of course).

Dreams Never End follows.

Near silence afterwards for a few seconds until the drum machine for _Truth_ fires up.

A Dutch "bird" squawks between tracks.

The sequencer for Hurt mysteriously speeds up and slows down during the intro.

Senses and then Chosen Time follow, with Denial being the penultimate track.

A bit of feedback during parts of Temptation.

Dropout at 6:13.


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