NO: 08 APR 1982 - Glazenzaal - Rotterdam, Netherlands


Source courtesy of TJ, as shared in the playlist from Fractured/Image.  

In the past year a second recording has shown up, as can be heard below.


Ultraviolence, Chosen Time, Dreams Never End, Everything's Gone Green, Procession, Senses, Denial, Temptation

"Vinz" reports:

"Utrecht: short and rather aggressive. Peter had been in a fight with audience members the day before in Rotterdam at the Glazen Zaal after complaints of the length of the show (30-minus minutes)."

Considering this happened nearly 20 years ago, he can be excused for a bit of chronological inaccuracy...Uterect was on 11 APR 82, and there were two gigs in between.

This is backed up by the following comment made during the 17 MAY 84 Paradiso gig, from "Jon ten Have":

...reminded them of the Rotterdam gig some years before when a big fight broke out after they had only played 20 minutes. The encore included Decades and Love will ..., it was made clear to the audience that it wasn't for them but for a friend who died some years ago."


A bit of chatter (in English, I think) at the start.

At about 3:15, somebody says "...get round the back...about the spot... don't you? etc.".

Chosen Time

Source: robertinos1009, via JD Central Twitter
Feedback squall at 0:42 or so.

Everything's Gone Green

Tempo starts out slow but speeds up after a few seconds.  


Feedback squall about 45 seconds in.



Some chatter from people, low in volume.

Taper: "One of my fucking knobs has just dropped off."

Associate: "Oh my God!" (probably as a jibe)

There's a bit more muttering, with somebody saying something, someone else replying "Eh?", and the first person repeating it.

Temptation closes out the set, which the crowd judges as having been all too brief, as you can hear boos as the PA backing music comes back on.



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