NO: 11 MAR 1982 - Soul Kitchen (Mayfair Suite) - Newcastle, England


In A Lonely Place, Chosen Time, Denial, Ultraviolence, Senses, Leave Me Alone, Hurt, Procession, Temptation

(Playlist from Fractured/Image)


Have a couple different recordings of this performance, the best one being Snotters' M/2 that was seeded to STG in mid-2004. Both of these are from the same master. A different recording, this time from KL, turned up recently. The Fractured/Image link uses Snotters' version.

In A Lonely Place, Chosen Time, and Denial start out the set.

The KL version has some fan chatter during the first song, more than the others.

Somebody explains "Jesus" at the end of Denial (Snotters). The opening sequencer bit to Ultraviolence is aired out a couple of times before the song kicks into gear. To these ears, it sounds a lot like Video 586.

Features the "Who killed my father" lyrics and Barney cooing. Then he sings "Who killed the Irish?".

A bit of a stutter 5:23 on the KL source (source tape glitch).

Senses follows.

If you listen closely at about 0:10 of KL's version you can hear the sound of a cash register!

Edit point (A/B) between this and the next one.

Leave Me Alone

Second performance. The intro guitar work is very, very good.

This is an amazing rendition, with very different lyrics than what was released. Don't think they every topped this.

Cut in KL version at 5:30.


Another one that takes a bit of time to start up, the intro is played in a similar matter to "Ultraviolence". Somebody yells out, "What's going on?" (Snotters).

Some audience chatter at 0:50 of this. Drop out at 1:08-1:10. (Snotters version)

This version has a unique orchestral-sounding synth line (can be heard about 6:10 in).

Edit in KL version between Procession and Temptation, which it has in reversed order.

The version of the former on KL's is muffled, according to him it was problems in the source, including a dropout 3:18 in.


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