NO: 10 MAR 1982 - Tower Cinema - Hull




Everything's Gone Green, Chosen Time, Truth, ICB, Dreams Never End, Hurt, Denial, Ultraviolence 


'fdisk' writes:

March 10th 1982 at Hull Tower Cinema, they did a 25 minute version of Ultraviolence as an encore (following a set just over the same length). One-by-one they disappeared (as did the audience)until there was nothing left but the drum machine - my how we laughed. At the end there were about 10 people left, despite this I thought they were awesome.

The local press, however, (I must scan this sometime from my yellowing page of the Hull Daily Mail) wrote it up with the heading 'Group's unique encore no joke for fans', described them as 'self-important', 'bleak' 'pretentious, noisy and generally boring', 'bleak [again] loud and depressing'.... finishing with 'some joke'.

My kind of band. 


Have this on C90 (sounding about 3rd-4th generation) and from 'snotters' via STG (2nd generation).


Everything's Gone Green has a punter comment "Fookin' hell" at about 3:27.

Chosen Time is next.

Somebody mentions Denial.

Truth and ICB are then performed.

A bit of a soundcheck and some sorting out, 'Ceremony' being called out. Taper or someone close to him says something like "Party all 'round".

We get Dreams Never End instead.


A bit of loud screaming between DME and this one, and someone near the taper addresses Eddie at the mixing desk. The band had still not said a word.

Crash edit in the tape between this one and the next tune, it sounds like.

Denial follows. Folks cheer for "more" and start stamping when it's over.

Another edit in the tape, when it starts up again, it's with Ultraviolence in progress. The version of it here is only 20:06, unlike the description above. It's the second time this is played. No mention of "I killed my father" for this particular version.


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