NO: 05 MAR 1982 - Saint Francis Xavier Hall - Dublin, Ireland



Hurt, The Him, Dreams Never End, In A Lonely Place, Senses, Chosen Time, Procession, Denial, Ultraviolence 

Perhaps the worst New Order audience recording extant.  Trust me, this is a ROUGH listen.

Hurt is barely recognizable as such.

The Him is marred by the taper (or someone near him) shouting.

Settles down a bit for the rest, but really not very listenable. 

In A Lonely Place has Bernard screaming "How I wish you were here with me now". 

Tape flip between Chosen Time and Procession

Denial suffers from a couple of internal cuts, though these are merciful respite from this nearly unlistenable effort.

The set ends with Ultraviolence, which is ultra unlistenable here.


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