NO: 03 MAR 1982 - Blue Note - Derby

 With Stockholm Monsters.



Ultraviolence, Denial, Ceremony, In A Lonely Place, Hurt, Procession, Dreams Never End, Temptation


Barney tunes his guitar before starting.


The debut performance.

lyric: "Who killed my father?"


A bit of feedback afterwards.



An announcement:

"Move back a bit - you're pushing the stage forward. Move back. I don't mind you hurting yourselves, but don't hurt the equipment".

It's not Barney speaking, think it was Oz (from the soundcrew). Thanks to "Josef K" for the correction.

Some feedback and a bit more clamour before the Order play their next song, In A Lonely Place.

Gillian inadvertently plays a note at 1:12.

Hurt builds up slowly.

Procession follows.

Gap in source between 4:01 and 4:03 (repeated segment probably done for A/B split), unique to the source used for this writeup.

Dreams Never End is next.

Edit in tape.

Some talking off-mic that I can't make out, and then another edit before the final song, Temptation


Ged Duffy shared his recording of the opening act (Stockholm Monsters) that he played guitar in until 1983.



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