NO: 26 FEB 1982 - Trinity Hall - Bristol, England


Temptation, Ceremony, Chosen Time, Truth, Hurt, Senses, Leave Me Alone, Denial, Everything's Gone Green

Soundcheck (20 minutes): Temptation, Leave Me Alone, Everything's Gone Green, Hurt and basslines from Transmission, From Safety To Where and LWTUA also played.  As well as an untitled song which may have been the predecessor of 'The Village'.


Copy courtesy of Snotters, erm...IP Freely.


A tiny bit of garbling at the beginning.

Punter says something at 3:12 or thereabouts.


IP Freely states:

"Noteable for one of Hooky's greatest clangers - check out his playing on Ceremony! Cringeworthy!!"

I personally disagree with this assessment. Hooky was just playing it differently that time.

A bit of tuning up before Chosen Time is tackled.

Truth follows.


Lots of knocking sounds by the syndrums.

Barney repeats a line with "if you want" or somesuch in it.

Senses follows. Some audience chatter afterwards, as well as feedback squall.

Leave Me Alone

The debut of this song!

Lyrics are totally different than the release

"Wherever he goes, nobody knows...
Wherever my heard goes, nobody knows..."

The "thousand islands in the sea" line is still present though.


The drums thunder...

At the end, somebody calls for "Procession".

Everything's Gone Green

Amazing aggro-electro opening!

And it doesn't let up.

New Order say not a word throughout.


About a minute of Hurt at the start, followed by a brief foray by Hooky into the bassline of Transmission.

A bit of Hooky playing From Safety To Where's bassline, and then a lot of one two'ing. Followed by a long and then short run-through of Temptation, starting with an odd juxtaposition of LWTUA's bassline.

Leave Me Alone (bass and guitar, and then instrumental) follows. This was the song's debut performance, and it sounds like the band were still practicing it. Unfortunately, the tape cuts at about a minute and a half...but a longer version is said to exist.

Everything's Gone Green

First part is cut.

Unknown Instrumental

I think this is a primitive of "When I'm With You"!


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