NO: 23 JAN 1982 Imperial Cinema - Birmingham



Temptation, Denial, Chosen Time, ICB, Senses, Dreams Never End, In A Lonely Place, Ceremony

Soundcheck (10 minutes): ICB, The Him

Playlist (Fractured/Image)


Bernard's vocals on Temptation seem to be pretty naked.


Taper goes "Hooray", and starts tsh-tshing to the drums.

Somebody calls "C'mon Ray...c'mon, c'mon now".

Chosen Time follows. Ends in shooting noises.

ICB is next.

Senses and Dreams Never End follow.

In A Lonely Place

A performance from FACT 56 (A Factory Video) can be viewed here...

Cut in the common audience recording after this one.


This sounds like the version that inspired Xiu Xiu's cover version, as it has Bernard singing all over the place and just the hint of xylophones.



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