NO: 22 NOV 1981 Peppermint Lounge, NYC



In A Lonely Place, Dreams Never End, Chosen Time, ICB, Senses, Denial, Everything's Gone Green, Hurt, Temptation

Probably one of the poorest-quality I had at one point, in terms of audience recordings, at least until an upgrade to it eventually showed up, not counting the full video that showed up on Movement Definitive Edition in 2019, linked to above.

In A Lonely Place

Feedback during the first bit.

Dreams Never End

Somebody calls out "Warsaw" beforehand.

Chosen Time

Bernard's vocals are higher in pitch at the start, and there's also a bit of feedback here.


A bit of a strange version, with a very spare feel, and an insistent drum pattern.


Band tune up.  Same guy calls for Warsaw again.  Sound on this one is extremely loud, distorting on the tape.  Also some glitches with the way this plays back on CD.

Denial is similarly distorted, as well as the rest of the songs here.

Short version of Everything's Gone Green.

Hurt follows.  Sounds like an instrumental.

Segues into Temptation, performed in the same way as on other US '81 gigs.

Photo set from Eugene Merinov


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