NO: 21 NOV 1981 City Gardens - Trenton, New Jersey



The Him, Dreams Never End, Procession, Truth, Senses, Chosen Time, Denial, Ceremony, In A Lonely Place

My now-deceased friend Fiver had sent me a copy of this, which was a fairly low generation.

It was known to circulate since Dec Hickey's fabulous 'From Heaven To Heaven' quotes the following set list.

The Him

The recording misses the first part of the song.

Dreams Never End follows, as does Procession and Truth.

No speaking by the band as they then start up on Senses.

Ends in a bit of feedback.

Chosen Time is next. Still not one word to the audience.

Denial follows. Time wore so well upon us.

The band tune a bit, before unleashing Ceremony.

In A Lonely Place then finishes this off.


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