NO: 17 NOV 1981 The Channel - Boston, MA


The Him, Chosen Time, Ceremony, Truth, Senses, Everything's Gone Green,
Dreams Never End, Denial, Hurt (instrumental)

Source is a second generation tape from TMK.

The Him

String scraping during the break in this song.

Afterwards, some concertgoer yells, "Turn up the bass!"
Others comment, "Mix up the voice" and "'s a six-string."

Chosen Time

Bernard's vocals are really good here!

If this is the sound of a band falling apart, all bands should
fall apart more often.

The group tune up a bit after.


Vocals are low in the mix, which is why fans yell, "turn up the
vocals", and "check the mic" at the end.


Mic gets bumped at the start.

Snotters says that the drum machine to Truth famously stops for a
few beats before someone starts it again, mid-song, which it indeed
does, at 2:21.

Ends on Hooky playing a four-note bass melody.


lyric: " the ocean...see the angels above me..."

Everything's Gone Green

A bit of a different intro, lots of syncopated synth here.

Dreams Never End follows.


The vocals have been turned up by this point.


An instrumental version (4th time it is played) wraps up the
set.  The band have not spoken one word to the audience.


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