NO: 15 NOV 1981 The Masonic Temple - Toronto, Canada


Everything's Gone Green, In A Lonely Place, Dreams Never End, Chosen Time, 
ICB, Senses, Ceremony, Denial, Temptation

Playlist  (Fractured/Image)

Sound is clear, if a few generations away from the master and a bit boomy/clipped.  
A better M/2 version from TJ has since been sourced, which sounds like what was
used for the version uploaded online.

Right channel cuts out for a bit after In A Lonely Place.
(original version, not a problem with the TJ version)

A bit of a feedback squall before Dreams Never End.

Chosen Time on the TJ version has a phase shift at about
3:36 or so.


On the TJ version, the phase shifts back at 1:07 or so.
This happens again at 3:07, and switches back at the end of
this track.

Edit between ICB and Senses, as well as one between
Senses and Ceremony.

There's a bit of warbliness on the TJ source on that track at
the start (probably due to his source tape).  This isn't present
on the older version, so it's probably not a defect on the master.
There's also a volume drop at somewhat past the 2:00 point, and
a brief dropout (3:50 with TJ and 3:44 with the old version)
present in both versions.

A tremendous amount of reverb is audible on Bernard's vocals
on Denial.

Temptation is nine minutes long, and is similar to the version
that made it to the FAC71 video.  Some interesting guitar work

The TJ version has a pop at about 0:57 that the original version
doesn't have, and also seems to have more tape stability issues,
though better definition that the Nth gen older version.

New Order do not talk to the audience at all, by the way.


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