NO: 09 NOV 1981 I-Beam - San Francisco CA

(Shared by Palmer Eldritch, AUD #2)


Hurt (instrumental), Chosen Time, Procession, Truth, Senses, Dreams Never End,
Denial, Ceremony, Temptation

Playlist (Fractured/Image)  - AUD #1

This uses a different source recording (credited to JJ) of the gig than the video link above (StMo's master, which the text below references), as there were multiple audience recordings of this show.

(Fractured/Image, AUD #1)

There's  a bit more hiss on the source than on the Market St. gig (maybe it was recorded at a quieter level), and it doesn't sound as dynamic, which could be chalked to venue acoustics.  It's a better performance, though...except for Dreams Never End, which is pretty awful here.

Some of the songs appear on the 'Isolation' bootleg, the excerpt pertaining to it is the following:

  "Side 2 is New Order recorded on a bad day on a date I can only guess to
  be late 1980 or perhaps most probably early 1981.  Sound quality is about VG."

  Side 2 : Dreams Never End, Denial, Senses, and Ceremony

  This is a shitty release.  The Joy Division songs have all been on record
  before.  And the New Order songs should not have been on record.  Especially
  Dreams Never End is so bad you will not believe it.

  Totally worthless, stay clear."


Third time played, also an instrumental.

Taper misses the intro part.  Tape garbles between 1:20 - 1:23.

Chosen Time

Tape squels as it's restarted.

Procession follows.

Somebody close to the taper mutters at about 1:57 or so.
Garble at 2:25.  Fairly clean edit at end.

Truth and Senses follow.

Squeal edit between these two.  At the end of Senses:

BS:  "Let's see, I'm not getting any vocal through the foldback,

Tape squeal edit.  Some tuning (tape garbles a bit here), and another 
squeal edit, missing the very first part of the next number,
Dreams Never End.

A bit of tape trouble starting at 1:45.

Another tape edit between this one and Denial.

A bit of talking starting at 2:45.

Two squeal edits before the start of Ceremony.

Stop/restart edit, rather than a squeal.

Temptation closes out the set, but cuts after about eight minutes.

lyric:  "Three and four make seven."

Otherwise, it has the usual improvisations for this number.  Excellent
guitar work by Bernard!

A couple of drop outs (like the mic plug was getting pulled out)
at about 3:30.  Drop out at 6:03 as well.  Some more audience chatter
can be heard at 6:20.

And this one, at about 7:00 in.

lyric:  "Oh it's so bad, Oh it's so bad, Oh, it's just me, oh it's just me!
Here today, Here today".

A shame that this cuts out at 8:06!


AUD #1 - Credited to JJ.  About 20 seconds in a voice that sounds like Hooky's can be heard exclaiming "Ozzie...Ozzie!".

AUD #2 - Thought to have been a JMn recording, but correctly attributed to Steve Montgomery of Rough Trade.


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