NO: 07 NOV 1981 Market St. Cinema - San Francisco CA


In A Lonely Place, Chosen Time, Dreams Never End, Hurt (instrumental),
ICB, Senses, Ceremony, Denial, Everything's Gone Green

Playlist (Fractured/Image)

The version above was recorded by JJ and has no cut in Senses and a complete version of Denial, and seems to have a bit better fidelity...with the taper pauses after nearly every track, and it's missing the bulk of EGG.  The notes were compiled from the audience master copy of JM's tape, which you can find here, courtesy of Palmer Eldritch:  

In A Lonely Place

Bernard's vocals cut out after the first line.
The sound is a bit of a mess here.

Chosen Time

Stephen's kick drum at various points dominates the mix...they sound
out of sync here. (JM version)

Dreams Never End

PH:  "One two, can we have some foldback on this?  One two, one two."

Somebody can be heard to comment on JM version:  "Fucking hum...can't
get rid of that."

There's been a bit of hum running througout up to this point, you see.

PH:  "One two."

Dreams Never End

Punter yells "Fuck you!" really loudly.  Why?

The Order tune a bit after this one, and things get a whole lot


This is an instrumental version, only the second time they've ever
played it.  Excellent melodica work.

Squealing tape pause. (JM version)


The best version of this I've ever heard.


Cut at about 3:07...faded out.  Second part of the song is 1:51 in
length.  Unique guitar-ending...and then a bit of Hooky playing the
Ceremony bass longer than normal. (JM version, the JJ version is


Barney's singing here is completely and utterly out of tune.


A short version, less than 3 minutes.  The JM version is cut.
The JJ version is complete, which turns out to be quite a treat

Everything's Gone Green

BS:  "Sorry it's not quite what we expected.  I don't know it[?]"

People around the taper ask what he said,  "I don't know, I heard sorry
but I didn't hear anything after that."

Brief cut at 5:38.

Comment at end of JM version, "It was amazing."


AUD #1 - JMn recording, Panasonic RQ-J33 with Radio Shack PZM mics.
Complaints about the "fucking hum"..."Fuck You" yelled out during the intro of DNE, cut in Senses, Denial starts midway, taper comments afterwards, five-and-a-half minute EGG...but earlier renditions have this complete.

AUD #2 - JJ recording. Recorded further back. Full Denial, and EGG cuts before the 2 minute mark.


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