NO: 06 NOV 1981 - Perkins Palace Pasadena CA


The Him, Dreams Never End, In A Lonely Place, Everything's Gone Green, Senses, Procession, Chosen Time, Denial, Temptation

Playlist (Fractured/Image)

Sound quality is very good, though levels vary throughout. Venue mix a bit problematic during the early part of this gig.

New Order come out to a reggae tune, believe it may have been "Nightclubbing" covered by Grace Jones.

PH: "I believe we're a little bit late."

Taper adjusts his kit right before the Order start into The Him.

Extreme synths effects at the end of In A Lonely Place.

Punter shouts out for Everything's Gone Green, and wouldn't you know it, he guesses right?

Muffling that affected the first three tracks clears up about a minute into this song.


Bernard goes into a bit more detail here. lyrics: "Up down turn around, anywhere you wanna go." Lots of good improvisational guitar work, one of the best early versions of this song I've heard, helped out by the excellent sound quality. Cut at the 10:00 mark, probably A/B tape flip.


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