NO: 23 OCT 1981 Bradford University - Bradford, England


The Him, Chosen Time, Dreams Never End, Truth, Senses,
Everything's Gone Green, Denial, Ceremony, Temptation

Soundcheck (10 minutes): Chosen Time, Temptation, Denial

Playlist (Fractured/Image)

To quote an article (Avant!  Issue #1):

"At Bradford in late '81 a dour Peter Hook confronted the boisterous
audience with the words, 'If you knew what had happened, you wouldn't
be so fucking cheerful."  You could have heard a pin drop."


A minute or so of talking, nothing I can make out.  Maybe a reference
to Terry (Mason) in there.

Chosen Time

Fadeout/fadein at 1:40 or so.  (on another version, this is a cut) 
Vocals somewhat faint.

Temptation follows.

BS:  "One two one two".  Then follows a tiny bit of Denial, before
the tape cuts.

AC1 adds:

"I've just listened to the end of my Bradford 81 tape and there is
(technically) a snippet of 'Little Dead', but it's no more than Steve
doing a couple of drumrolls, un-accompanied. It doesn't cut out - he
just stops playing after a few bars and no one picks it up again. I
wouldn't/didn't bother to list it."


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