NO: 25 SEP 1981 Assembly Rooms - Walthamstow


Chosen Time, In A Lonely Place, Dreams Never End, Senses, 
Truth, Procession, Denial, Everything's Gone Green

(Playlist from Fractured/Image)
Photos from Brazzle Atkins, as cleaned up by benno.

Source is off the master (in .flac format) posted by
the taper ("booomboom") on the
forums.  Sound is outstanding, enough to make any
errors in the performance that much audible.

Notes (verbatim from forum)

"taped this show from the first row of the balcony,
the quality is amazing for an audience recording.
Stephen told me after the show, it was much better
to do 40 min of high energy, than to do 120 min of
a boring show , and this show from New Order is pure
energy.  Believe me , it's one of the best shows from
1981, and I saw a lot of shows from New Order in this
year.  Better from the music is the Hamburg Show,
but the quality is only very good from the HH. show.
But Hamburg has the best versions of "Everything`s gone
green " I ever heard."

Chosen Time has a brief cut 3:10 in.

Opening keyboards to In A Lonely Place are badly off-key.

Somebody hits a bum note at 0:39 of Dreams Never End.

Hooky sings "make these feelings go away" as the last lines,
which isn't something I've regularly heard for that track.

Truth features an echoed whoop.

At the end of Procession, the taper says, "Can you get lost,
'cause we're working 'ere...fookin' hell man.  What a fucking

Everything's Gone Green is 10:43, and has a false start
(15 seconds, drums only).

*Very* good guitar work here.  One of the best versions of this
track that I've heard.


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