NO: 23 SEP 1981 Phoenix Hall, Sheffield Polytechnic - Sheffield, England


Temptation (instrumental), The Him, Dreams Never End,
Everything's Gone Green, Procession, Senses, Chosen Time, 

(Playlist from Fractured/Image)

Several versions.

My first source is a CD from Simon Park.  Sounds fairly low-gen (2nd-3rd),
some degree of hiss, but the base recording is very good, nearly as good as
the Walthamstow gig that follows, with definied instrument separation
and not at all boomy.  This was also seeded to STG by davemings, as a
M/2 (same source), with his version running a bit faster (too fast)
than Simon's version.  Simon's has more "body", I suspect the difference
is in how much NR and cleanup has been done on snotters' source.
Subsequent to these, a M/3 (improved copy) was seeded by davemings,
also the same source, but by far the clearest of them all.


The second time this is played, the first being 06 SEP 81 at Kulttuuritalo
in Helsinki.  As far as I know, this is the only time New Order play
this as an instrumental.

At 0:30 or thereabouts, someone near the taper exclaims that this is a
new one.  The tape garbles a bit at about 2:15.

The Him follows.

During the break, somebody yells what sounds like "Goodnight, Paul!".

Then a cold edit into Dreams Never End.

Afterwards, there is a gap of a few seconds, filled with audience
members making random utterings, including a male voice saying,
"Sounds good" and then a female voice singing.  "Don't do...

Everything's Gone Green is next followed by Procession.
There's an edit between that and Senses.  CD tracksplits not
at the start of Chosen Time but well into the intro.

Right channel cuts out between 1:14-1:20, dunno if it's a problem
with my source or the master.  Tape garble at 3:28 and another cut-out
a few seconds later.  These aren't present on the davemings updated

They end with Denial.

Some punter says, "They did more than one from Movement(?)"

New Order do not interact with the audience at all.


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