NO: 06 SEP 81 Kultturitalo Helsinki


Chosen Time, Ceremony, Everything's Gone Green, In A Lonely Place, ICB, Senses, Dreams Never End, Denial, Temptation

Source is from TJ.  Fairly hissy source, but better than nothing at all.

Chosen Time and Ceremony start things off.

Somebody says something in Finnish.

Everything's Gone Green

Drums echo to an colossal degree, before Hooky's bass takes over.
That's likely due to the venue acoustics.

In A Lonely Place

Stereo shift at 0:14 or so.  Another one at 2:00.  This one otherwise
sounds a bit off pitch-wise.

ICB follows.  Sound like mic getting bumped at 3:38.  Then Senses.

Dreams Never End

Another stereo shift at 0:40.

And then Denial.


The debut, otherwise known as Taboo No. 7.


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