NO: 20 JUN 1981 Glastonbury CND England


In A Lonely Place, Dreams Never End, Truth, The Him, Procession, 
Senses, Denial, Everything's Gone Green 

Source taken from Lars Nellemann CD.  Tracks also currently available
from NewOrderOnline, which may be where the MP3 set I pulled off of
Soulseek come from.

Sounds like it was mastered from LP, like many other versions of early gigs.
There's quite a few bootlegs of this set....and eventually, we would get a
tape (supposedly) copied from the master.

In A Lonely Place faded in...

Hooky mutters something that I can't make out at about 0:20.
Good screams about 2:30 in, and again at about 3:30.
Melodica solo at 4:15

Crazy synth noises appear at the end, and leak over into Dreams Never End.

First verse almost inaudible...second verse better but they're still
having problems with his mic...Hooky doesn't do his soul scream here.

Fan whistles 0:20 into Truth.  The synth riff is different, it's
a two-note riff rather than the usual progression.
Melodica riff at different pitch than version on record.

Truth backs into The Him...a particularly chilling version.
Barney's vocals are especially clear on this one.

4:37  Bernard, after singing "He pays pennance to the dirt below him",
then yells "JUST LIKE YOU!"  (thanks to Philip Collins, rest in peace mate,
for the correction)
5:27  Keyboard swooping whoosh during break in song
5:55  Hooky hits a bum note

You can hear Hooky calling 1-2-3-4 during the pause in that song.

Procession gets exciting...starts off with an off-kilter Hooky riff.

The lyrics start at 1:42.

At 2:08 BS forgets his lyrics and throws in off-key melodica.  At about
3:29, Bernard sings something about "bloody cunts"..."bloody, your
prophecies", and screams/drags out "late at night!" and yells out "not
so loud!" and "turn my monitor down", and then starts yelping, at which
point you can hear his mic being dropped.

This video includes scenes from the fest and the magic bit where Bernard falls to the floor...

Senses has its lyrics declaimed at one point, and Bernard hums
along...and then adds additional lyrics not present on studio versions.
Thanks to Jan Bollansee for providing a complete version of this
song to review.

Bernard spends more than a few seconds afterwards tuning his guitar.

Denial doesn't feature much in the way of its normal lyrics, either.

At 2:20 of Denial, Barney sings about how he "just can't take it no
more." (for about 30 seconds).  At 4:45, it sounds like he's singing
"inside a club!, inside my world!, inside a     club club"
as the song comes abruptly to a halt.

(or is he singing 'pub' instead of 'club'?)

The final song, Everything's Gone Green has a very interesting filter
effect that isn't present in later versions...I think it's the same one
present in 'Prime 586' though.  The song elements are really isolated,
and I think the instrumental interplay is effective...and there's a
brief tempo speed-up at about 1:35 in.  The lyrics, which start at 3:45,
are the typical improvisational ones typical for this period.  "Down by
the boardwalk...".  Like the yelled out "Help me, somebody help me" at 6:45.

This version ends up being almost 13 minutes.

N.B. Can you all see the progression from the improvised EGG james
("...down by the boardwalk") to Blue Monday? ("..the beach")...?

Everything's Gone Green-->Prime 586-->Blue Monday


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