NO: 22 MAY 1981 Lobo Disco - Gothenburg, Sweden


Denial, Everything's Gone Green, The Him, Doubts Even Here, Truth, Senses, Procession, Dreams Never End

Soundcheck: Everything's Gone Green, Senses

I have two seperate MP3 versions of this (both 128k CBR),
one from the audio anthologies, the other downloaded from
Soulseek.  This review is based off of the Soulseek collection,
I haven't done an A/B comparison, but I suspect the Soulseek
version has better SQ.  Both version seem to have the same
whooshing effect caused by excessive noise reduction.

Since picked up a lossless copy that is definitely the same
source as the Soulseek MP3s, but somewhat better sound.

Since all of this, Duncan shared his version, which you can hear
linked above, which includes both EGG and Senses both taken 
from the soundboard.


Everything's Gone Green, in particular, is exteremely interesting,
as the band were experimenting with the rhythm track.



BS:  "Ed, drums through the foldback."

Dropout on right channel for a few seconds at about 0:36-0:44.

BS:  (lyric)"...stain on my windows."  More bass!

He then yells "Outside me!"

The Him

BS:  Screams out "Shut up!" during the break in the song.

Doubts Even Here

The last time New Order ever play this one.

The end of Senses has some weird repeated noise.

Not much more than this to report, they basically just
play the songs with little audible crowd interaction.

Mark Johnson says that the PA crew was affiliated with 10CC
and that New Order's short set was directed at how they
were bragging that their band could play for 2 1/2 hours
compared to New Order's 45 minutes.


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