NO: 19 MAY 1981 Roxy - Stockholm Sweden


Ceremony, Dreams Never End, The Him, Truth, ICB, Procession, Chosen Time, 
Denial, Everything's Gone Green

Soundcheck (5 minutes): ICB, Everything's Gone Green

(Playlist from Fractured/Image)
Taken from the "Dead Bodie's(sic) Can't Sing" CD boot.
The sound quality, unlike many of the 81 European gigs,
doesn't suffer from boominess.

It's obvious that this has been mastered from a boot LP
(probably the Radio Order Stockholm disc) due to the scratching
and crackling in a few places.  Otherwise, the sound is very


PH: (about a minute in)  "Gillian's guitar...foldback's..."

Audience members are pretty vocal between songs here.

Dreams Never End

(at the end)

BS:  "Needs a bit of er, snare drum...over in the front..."

The Him follows.


The band were having equipment problems, making the intro
on this song very different than how it normally gets played.

BS:  Can't hear(?) the bass guitar's coming through the Vox
down...through the Vox."


It almost sounds like 'Cries and Whispers' for a second,
lots of scratching in the first part.

The song has some very distinctive riffing/soloing from

Chosen Time

Fast tempo.

About midway into things, Bernard inserts the following

People up and down
People in the city
People like you blink[?] and shout
Make me sick!

Denial segues into Everything's Gone Green, which is the
prototype 10+ min jam version.  One version fades out after 12 1/2
minutes, another just cuts out.

lyric:  "One two three four, everybody hit the floor
Five six seven eight, everybody spewing hate!"

There's a bit of Giorgio Moroder/Donna Summer's "I Need Love".

BS: (at 8:25)  "In five seconds, ...your help from below.
Nice people..."


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